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Understanding clustered multi-processing The BIG-IP system includes a performance feature known as clustered multi-processing, or CMP.Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a protocol used for streaming-media presentations.Enabled (checked) Port Translation A setting to enable or disable port translation on a BIG-IP system.A load balancing virtual server sends traffic to this pool automatically, unless an iRule directs the server to send the traffic to another pool instead.To understand individual virtual server properties and settings, see Understanding virtual server and virtual address settings.Once you make the CPU decision, the next area to consider is RAM.

Hi There, I am investigating SMTP virtual server for a specific requirement that I have.Whether your company is a 2-server or 2000-server shop, you can benefit from server virtualization in a variety of ways.Setting this to 0 turns off connection limits. 0 Connection Mirroring A setting that mirrors connections from the active unit to the standby unit of a redundant pair.Creating multiple wildcard servers You can define multiple wildcard virtual servers that run simultaneously.The Virtual Servers screen opens. 2. In the Name column, click a virtual server name.This resource displays a list of virtual servers in the LTM module on an F5 device.

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Do database servers work in virtualization environments like VMware and Hyper-V.

Understanding and Managing SMTP Virtual Servers

Virtual server may refer to: Virtual environment (container), a container-based environment where the underlying hardware and OS is unchanged, but the application is.Is there a way to list all servers on the domain and wether they are physical or virtual.For more information, see Chapter 12, Using Additional Profiles. oneconnect NTLM Conn Pool The name of an existing NTLM profile.CMP is a traffic acceleration feature that creates a separate instance of the Traffic Management Microkernel (TMM) service for each central processing unit (CPU) on the system.Rackspace Virtual Cloud Servers are high-performance, reliable servers designed to help you grow and scale your business quickly and easily.Preserve Strict: Specifies that the system preserves the value configured for the source port.None SIP Profile The name of an existing SIP profile for managing SIP traffic.

The virtual server or virtual address is enabled but offline because an associated object has marked the virtual server or virtual address as unavailable.When this happens, the BIG-IP system internally associates the virtual address with a MAC address.Rather than having to purchase new hardware to support a new business application, all you need to do is add a new virtual server.

Virtual Server 2005 R2 (VS2005 R2) gives network administrators an easy way of consolidating multiple.

This means that a client on an external network never sees the private class IP address of an internal server node.When working with virtual servers that you have created, you can: View or modify a virtual server configuration.The pool, iRule, and persistence profiles that you assign to a virtual server are known as resources.

Table 2.3 Resources assigned to a load balancing virtual server Resource Description Default Value iRules A list of existing iRules that you want the virtual server to use when load balancing its connections.This most likely occurs only when you have a large number of virtual addresses defined on the system.Creating a virtual server Using the Configuration utility, you can either create a virtual server or modify the settings of an existing virtual server.I used ITCMLocalLB module to get the list of the Virtual servers stored in my f5 machine.When disabled, the BIG-IP system ignores ARP requests that other routers send for this virtual address.Here are eight tips to help put virtualization to work in your business.First Look: VMware VSphere 4.1 Keeps the Virtualization Crown.None FTP Profile The name of an existing FTP profile for managing FTP traffic.Viewing virtual address statistics Using the Configuration utility, you can view statistics for any existing virtual addresses.

A typical use of this feature is for load balancing multiple VPN gateways in an IPSEC VPN sandwich, using non-translating virtual servers.I am wanting to do what I think is called virtual hosting -- have my computer act for 3 or 4 different domains.Enabled (checked) Route Advertisement A setting that inserts a route to this virtual address into the kernel routing table so that an advanced routing module can redistribute that route to other routers on the network.

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To understand these icons with respect to status, see Table 2.5. To display the icons within the Configuration utility, see To view or modify virtual server properties, and To view or modify virtual address properties.No default value Unit ID The ID of the redundant-pair unit to which this address should apply. 1 Availability The availability of the virtual address with respect to service checking.

Similarly, when creating a Performance (Layer 4) type of virtual server, this value is set to fastl4, and you cannot change it.When CMP is enabled, all instances of the TMM service process application traffic. (For information on configuring a virtual server, see Creating a virtual server.) When CMP is enabled for a virtual server, connection limits for the virtual server are distributed evenly across all instances of the TMM service.Private Internet Access customers are ensured access to specific web services, fast ping times and high bandwidth.

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