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Every recording goes into a “Recorded TV” folder on my desktop, and I've told Plex media server to serve up any video that appears in that folder.How To Make Kodi On Your Apple TV Awesome And Get Free Movies and Cable TV Step by.Second life for a nice hardware project from apple too much limited by software restrictions (marketing convention no doubt) As a joke, I would ask this question: Is it possible to install Mac os X or whatever os directly in the remote control so that there would be no need for power cable plugg in and so on.I have zipped up five codecs for which I have found floating on the net (including the one I posted previously).The ATV runs hotter than you could ever imagine (almost too hot to touch).Would also likely calm down all of the other people screaming April Fools.

Warren teeteebahbah Says: December 30th, 2007 at 12:48 am Does anyone know if the semthex kernel will work with Leopard.Is the AppleTV RAM socketed or hard wired into the circuit board.Why is it not possible to have a nice big internal drive and have a full media device.Warning: The Apple TV is built using a 1GHz Pentium M, a GeForce 7300,.

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I have to laugh when people talk of using clusters of these for processing.

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What if you cloned the AppleTV hard drive to an external hard drive and attached it to the Mini.My AppleTV still has not made it out of the computer project room, heh.I actually thought it would do all this out of the Box, shame on you Apple.I say this because I cannot get the Audio device to show up on my Apple TV.Convert an Android Device to Linux. including Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora, and openSUSE.

Or are us Apple TV original owner basically stuck with what we got.Built from the ground up as a small platform to run software like XBMC.This also means that you can record high quality video even with a less powerful Mac.Chris Any suggestions on how to do a minimal system load on startup.If you need (somewhat) accurate system time, you will need to set up a cron script to call the ntp update daemon at desired intervals (I have mine set at 2 minutes) Disk Images do not load correctly.To learn more about updating the Apple TV, check out this FAQ.

If you really want to see where those scores fall short, compare G3 and G4 machines.Since I am already running XBMC in the family room on an original 40GB AppleTV.

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I am interested on whether the graphics is supported with hardware acceleration under windows xp (although 256mb is obviously pushing it a little).

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JoshuaDCoulter If anyone has a backup img of there AppleTV hard drive and could send it to me or upload it to the internet it would be greatly appreciated.Anonomous Yeah, Linux I could very well see Especially Ubuntu or a stripped down version.Hopefully folks will figure out audio, and I can take another shot at this in a month or two.

Hobbsit Can someone please answer, What partition does OS X get installed to.

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I run iTunes under Wine on my Ubuntu server to share media to an Apple TV 2 using Home sharing.One day I was thinking about it and I have found an old Apple TV,.Second problem, I installed the 10.4.5 then update to 10.4.8 and the system never boot again.

TimothyP Hi, Any chance of getting the EyeTV 310 to work on te AppleTV like this.Ubuntu is a free computer operating system that has been increasing in popularity.Eventually HDV can be played back on ATV with hardware decoding support.Thanks SamuelP Hi guys, I want to plug a VGA monitor to an ATV, by pluging a HDMI-DVI adapter followed by a DVI-VGA one.The Mythbuntu team recommends activating our MythTV repository in order to get updated fixes to your MythTV installation.Skizzle After installing OSX, does it recognize the built in WiFi.Digged for great post. john Has anyone tried making Media Central there default player.

Do you think seriously that Leopard will works on a 1ghz processor and only 256Mb memory non-upgradable.Frappliance could handle this easily if it just puts drops the DVR content in the movies folder.Several hours of testing and refining later and our tester, gimli, managed to follow the steps (included below) to get Mac OS X booting on his Apple TV (click to.When i log in as admin its just normal os x with dock and everything but under display properties its extending my desktop so i change it but its only for user Admin.

While this could function as a PVR with the addition of Eye-TV, those wanting to remove commercials may get some sluggish behavior when editing video with only 256 MB RAM.D1 I wonder if you can upgrade or tweak the CPU, RAM or video or any other components (hd has been upgraded).I try to install it into the Media and finished all required steps but it still boot the ATV OS not the OSX.This allows a mac or a pc to manage a VOIP phone system in your house.Ubuntu blurs the line between online and local content and demonstrates a bold direction for a.Look at most relevant Ubuntu on apple tv 3gen websites out of 2.57 Million at MetricsKey.Clarkus102 Yes it works, but by beautifully(guy below) he means its useless.Plex allows you to aggregate all your personal media and access it anywhere you go.There are some programs that need 384 MB of RAM or more in order to run.