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Moreover, the barrels were threaded, as opposed to the HK43 barrels which had splines, so that the flash suppressors could be screwed on and welded.

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If there were a recoil buffer in there, the bolt carrier would strike the buffer as the empty space has been.Even the HK93 magazines sell for about three times as much money.

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Video: The Brothers From N.O.D.R. Have a Hilarious Time With Tosh.0.Speaking of magazines, the one included is comically oversized for the carbine, but allows for uninterrupted fun for those of us who can actually afford to blow through 40 rounds of 5.56. The good news is that in testing the C93 ran with the cheapest ammo I could find, as well as military-grade M193 and M855 green tip.

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A video showing the Ability to use an unmodified HK91 stock on an HK93, only problem is you cant lock the bolt back.The bolt is a seven-lug rotating type,. which was the precursor to the HK93,.

Get all of your Buffer Bolt parts and accessories here at Numrich.This stock has the latest buffer and sling attachment improvements.Shooters interested in buying one will be happy to know that street prices are often several hundred dollars less.Continuing rearward, the lower receiver and stock, like the handguard, are polymer and secured to the receiver by spring-retained push pins.December 12, 2014, 15:33...Internal differences include a new buffer system and a change to polygonal rifling.

Posted on March 28,. and standard buffer (it is not compatible with the heavy buffer). HK93, PTR-91, SR-9,.

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It may have it quirks, but for shooters not heavily invested in an AK or AR-15, the C93 makes a fine alternative.

The major difference between the HK43 and the HK93 is that the HK93s came with 16.125-inch barrels (17.5 inches of overall length with an attached flash suppressor).


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Once internal pressure drops from escaping gases leaving the muzzle, the amount of rearward force is reduced sufficiently to allow the rollers to recede into the bolt body, thus unlocking the action.M4 stock adapters are available, as well as telescopic HK wire stocks, which greatly increase the portability of the rifle without suffering from the ergonomic woes of the the underfolding AK stock—provided shooters utilize an aggressive forward cheek weld.The HK93 was also fitted with an all-plastic MP5 style butt stock with the recoil buffer attached to the bolt carrier.Sadly, to me, the MP5 has always been the coolest thing since sliced bread.HK German production HK German HK33, 33K, 93 Full Auto Bolt Carrier - Used Buffered Style.

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A more-than-combat-accurate, roller-delayed, semiautomatic rifle in a common, soft-shooting caliber.To load a magazine, the shooter retracts the charging handle and flips it up into a retention notch at the rear of the gas tube.Other HK-specific novelties include the non-reciprocating charging handle located above the barrel.