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Add a group with the same name (case sensitive) as the Active Directory group name.This group is local and does not need to exist in Active Directory.

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I have the following questions regarding Netscaler Gateway 11.NAP with VPN enforcement on Windows 7. I found what I think may be the Windows 7 equivalent of Enable Quarantine Checks.Session Time-out disconnects the session if there is no network activity for this duration.Then click where it says No Authorization Policy to bind policies.NetScaler Gateway supports five different connection methods.So is nFactor an issue with SSLVPN all together or just through the plug-in.

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Question: I am doing clientless VPN and the customer has two stipulations: 1. to limit access to the gateway by AD domain and 2., to limit access in the VPN to specific sites.

If the Gateway was in the DMZ, what is needed to allow the SSL Tunnel to access everything and anything on the corporate LAN.Worst case you could uninstall the Plugin and let it reinstall.On the left, expand NetScaler Gateway, expand Policies, and click Session.Or are you saying that your ICA Proxy only users are getting VPN as an option.Hostwinds provides an industry leading VPN solution, to give you unparalleled security and privacy.If no client IP, then VPN clients use NetScaler SNIP to communicate with internal resources.

Provide business continuity following a major weather event so that employees can continue to be productive from home.Setting it to On will require you to create Intranet Applications so the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in will know which traffic goes through the tunnel and which traffic goes directly out the client NIC (e.g. to the Internet).Allows different Active Directory groups to have different NetScaler Gateway configurations.I have to say it works correctly if you point to the Storefront web server directly.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.On the left, under NetScaler Gateway, expand Policies and click Authorization.

On the Client Experience tab, there are timers that can be configured.

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Get this new free VPN for Android without data limits or required log in.On the Client Experience tab, there are more settings that control the behavior of the NetScaler Gateway plug-in.Only administrators can install the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in.We have a captive portal landing web page that is setup to authenticate laptop users connecting in from public-access networks i.e hotels, starbucks, airports etc.

This chapter also discusses the solution scenario for VPN access for telecommuters, examining the business, technical and security challenges of this scenario.NetScaler Gateway can be configured so that if Endpoint Analysis scans fail, then the user is placed into a Quarantine Group.DEFINITION: Network Access Quarantine Control, or NAQC, is a set of services and utilities available for Windows Server 2003 that lets you prevent remote users from.I have a problem with a VPN plug-in v11.1.48 client, which is behind a proxy and he gets no connection over the proxy to the Netscaler gateway.It provides a full VPN tunnel so any traffic can go through it.

Additional VPN settings can be found by clicking Advanced Settings near the bottom of the Client Experience tab.Or it might simply display a webpage telling users how to become compliant.Windows Network Access Protection (NAP) simplifies Quarantine Mode. (VPN Quarantine Mode.I was able to install it a few month ago but now we changed the system and after I installed the version 11.0. 64.34 I have some problems with the VPN.One area that was a common help under Cisco was the MTU setting however under Citrix you are limited to nothing lower than default LAN MTUs of 1500 and up.Once the user is authenticated, NetScaler Gateway uses Session Policies to determine what happens next.

On the bottom, there are three sections containing frame options.If you know of a way to get the timeout working and have the AppFlow working as well that would be great.

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Configured in Session Policies or Preauthentication Policies.If Endpoint Analysis is configured, then an Endpoint Analysis plug-in is downloaded to the Windows or Mac client.I find most of what I need on your site as, yes. great as the product is, the documentation definitely has gaps.I have been looking for some different scripts so that we can try to use the quarantine with VPN.