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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,018,601 times.Support Forum. I accidentally deleted all of my history and I want to get it back.

Step Select the Settings tab and click Show advanced settings. credit: Image courtesy of Google.

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Before you back up Safari history, you need to get your iOS.Browser activity from Incognito Mode (or InPrivate Mode) will not show up in your search history.Email Passwords Around The Home Productivity By: Ray Davis What Is a Printer Duty Cycle.

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If I deleted my search history in google chrome how do I get it.

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How do I get it to go back and. 17 year old lad deleted the history for his.

Where to set your software to scan depends on which browser you use.Step Click All cookies and site data. credit: Image courtesy of Google.The window displays all information Chrome has regarding the cookie. credit: Image courtesy of Google.

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These are the cookies files, which contain information stored by IE about their associated websites.All information Firefox has about that particular cookie is displayed in the pane below the list. credit: Image courtesy of Mozilla.Double-clicking a search term will open it in your Firefox browser.

Viruses and malware are a serious problem if you spend a lot of time surfing on the web.By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

How to View Browsing History. Once it is deleted, you cannot get it back unless you have a special type.Information on how to clear your Internet browser history. Skip. Browser Help.

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Internet Explorer Step Click the gear-shaped Tools button or press Alt-X on your keyboard.Step Select the General tab from the Internet Options menu and click Settings. credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Step Click Finish to confirm and begin restoring your computer to the previous date.Some routers do show a log history, depending on your provider.Alternatively, type about:preferences into the address bar and press Enter. credit: Image courtesy of Mozilla.You can scroll down through your browsing history to see items from earlier in your history, or you can click a link to re-open its page.

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Select Internet Options. credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft.

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This guide shows you How To Bring Back Deleted History. How to Check Web History From Private Browsing - Duration: 1:35.There are many software recovery programs available for free that can handle the task, although each works differently from the others.

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I have deleted the history of my Safari Web browser. want to recover the History.