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Customer service comes in the form of Live Chat (not always online), a ticket system, email or Skype chat.

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I use many of their p2p optimized servers and I have had no problems with.VPN.ac. Summary. It was a surprise for us to come across this VPN Company, especially because we never heard of it before.I use many of their p2p optimized servers and I have had no problems with speed.Each week we pull together the news and advice on keeping yourself safe and secure online.Top Torrent VPN service. All VPN servers allow p2p traffic and are optimized for high speeds.These servers are located in 97 cities in 78 countries.Maybe 3 months ago I recommended this VPN provider to my friend (also in China), but he gave up quickly because nothing worked and, to be honest, it is not really easy to install VPN.ac software in China since there are some manual steps you have to take in order to install it.General request for this (great) site would be to move the review dates to the top as they are an important factor to keep in mind when reading a review and checking the results.

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Another big plus is that the VPN.ac website does not track you like a most all other VPN sites as I have confirmed this in using Privacy Badger.Plenty of servers and compared to other VPN providers, they have a great service.First and foremost, VPN.ac is not one of those well-known VPN services out there.If you start with a slow connection however, this level of speed loss will likely be unacceptable.As organizations have ramped up efforts to block VPN ac. A social VPN aims at providing peer-to-peer (P2P). routing through which is done using an optimized.Nevertheless, we always think that a good attitude is more important than any technical issues, as technical issues can be resolved, but a bad attitude rarely so. VPN.ac seems to have a very good attitude, and if it can sort out the technical side of things, is shaping up to be an excellent VPN provider.

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I agree that this review is very old, and is direly in need of a rewrite.VPN Reviews Astrill VPN Review. VPN.ac is a relatively small VPN provider based in Romania. However,.The VPN still routes the signal, and so a) adversaries will be easily able to trace a user to the the VPN provider, and b) the provider still does the routing, so knows exactly who is connected to what.

There are services providing accurate IP databases such as Maxmind, including over 99% of VPN or proxy gateways regardless of hostnames.

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The connection is very fast and without interruptions to any available proxy servers in Europe, Asia or US.Then about 2 months ago it turned to be impossible to stay connected on Android devices.Here on best you can get Determine your optimal Max MTU Settings Page is a procedure to determine what your Max MTU Setting should be.It protects you online with its 256-bit encrypted secure VPN servers.Best reaction time to support tickets, and a new Client-Dialer software to make your life even easier.

Great speeds, encrypted dns and when you need support you speak directly to one of the engineers.This advanced hardware design along with ASUS RF tuning and optimized topology and specialization design.Nevertheless, the published speedtest.net results are the ones we obtained while testing the service.About VPN.ac. They looks like a good VPN-service, but just my 2 cents.They provide more than 70 payment methods, with bitcoins being one of them.

I am very satisfied, excellent speed, works great and responsive and professional technical service.U p to 3 devices can be used with the service at the same time (this is something we particularly like, as it is often neglected by VPN providers).

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We put the VPN connection through its paces with speedtest.net using our 20 meg UK broadband connection.However they also supply their own software for Windows, Mac and Android if you want something easier to use.In their FAQ, VPN.ac states that it is working on a proprietary VPN client, so we look forward to having a look at it when it becomes available.

Nothing (depending on how you feel about the performance results).I tried 10 other VPN services before settling with VPN.AC. Small company dedicated to true security.Also, contacted support via a ticket and received a prompt reply within a few hours regarding my additional payment in which the expiration date needed to be manually adjusted to reflect the correct day.

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VPN.ac is VPN service based in Romania, operated by a security company, Netsec Interactive Solutions.Confirmation emails will supply your account details and links to setup instructions.

One of the best things about VPN.ac is the emphasis they give on customer support.It would be great to see a re-review of this provider as a lot has changed since 2013.VPN BitTorrent P2P (Torrent) Speed Test - VPN.AC vs ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN vs StrongVPN - March 20, 2016. VPN.AC - Canada Toronto (P2P Optimized) (PPTP).