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Halloween 2015: Top 10 comedy-horror movies. we will be giving you a list of the best horror movies of three. this movie has convincing zombie violence.Even though the movie is a comedy (and love story), it still takes the zombie genre seriously in many ways and has a lot of great action and some genuinely scary moments.Dead Before Dawn 3D Official Trailer 1 (2013) - Zombie Comedy HD.

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Andrew Currie directed the Canadian zombie comedy, Fido, which takes place in a 1950s alternate universe in which the dead have been turned into zombies by radiation from space.The clever asides and an unforgettable cameo by comedy legend Bill Murray are what pushes this to the top of the list.

Best Upcoming Zombie Movies 2015. Upcoming Zombie Movies 2015. Three scouts attempt to save their town from zombies in this horror comedy.

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Undead or Alive Another good horror movie zombie comedy.Halloween night.They accidentally let the corpse free, not knowing that it contains an alien organism that, once it is let loose, infects the students on campus with an alien zombie virus.Check out now available Comedy movies on DVD and get ratings,. trailers and clips for now available Comedy DVD releases. Moviefone. find it. watch it. search.Before he did Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson made the 1992 zombie comedy, Dead Alive, which has been called one of the goriest films ever made.

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This Is My top 10 Zombie com Films i Have seen please note that its my top 10 you could have.

Nature Movies 10 awesome man vs. nature movies The Best Books on Foraging The best books on foraging according to readers.Counting down the best zombie movies to grace our screens since the turn of the century.

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The final on our list of the best zombie comedy movies is the 2008 zombedy Dance of the Dead was directed by Gregg Bishop and revolves around a zombie attack at a high school prom.The story centers around a fast food chicken restaurant called the American Chicken Bunker that has been constructed on Native American burial ground.

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The funny part is that, at first, he is hilariously oblivious to the zombies around him and goes about his daily routine as if he is, well, a zombie himself.

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It also more or less succeeded in making the elusive zombie romantic comedy a. one of the most over-the-top zombie movies of.

When two workers on the property turn up dead in the morning, the group of travelers are counted as suspects.Top 30 zombie movies of all time Top 30 zombie movies of all time. By. Staff. 10 events that will make you smarter this month July 1,.

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THE 10 GREATEST APOCALYPSE MOVIES. Besides being arguably the best sci-fi film.

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The story centers around to college students who discover a corpse cryogenically frozen from 1959 in the science lab.Top 10 Zombie Movies Loading. They hunger for human flesh.Zombie movies - Top 10 zombie flicks. AskMen. Shares. Search AskMen Search.Here is a list of Most Popular Zombie Movies ranging from Zombie Comedy films to Zombie horror films to Zombie.

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Weeds That are Edible A list of 4 common weeds that are edible.Any movie that John Waters accepts a part in is automatically in any best of.

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Top 10 Horror Comedies. Posted on. for zombie movies and humor is why it. them into zombies makes it the perfect horror comedy.Top Ten Tents for Camping The top ten tents for camping based on durability, price, resistance to the elements, and usable spa 8 Tips on How to Survive in the Wilderness How to survive in the wilderness and make it home alive. 10 Awesome Man Vs.

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When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.Check out these 10 best zombie horror movies released in 2016 to scratch that bloodthirsty infected itch.