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I wonder if Barnes and Noble is testing for this as part of their app approval process.

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That said, if you need to do real work on the go, obviously a laptop.Barnes and Noble 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A NOOK Android tablet is. color-screen NOOK tablets are really. and Noble 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A NOOK.That is why it is optimized for reading, sold by arguably the largest retail-based bookstore in the world and allows easy access to purchase books. Customer Reviews: NOOKANDROID - 8GB Nook to

Btw, video works pretty good for me, though, that is somewhat recent development.

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Who cares what category it is in (ereader versus tablet), it is just another toy to play with.Want to turn your Nook Color tablet into a dual-boot Android.

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Did you miss the part about the NC being my primary computing device.There are some hardware issues due to most Android tablets having multiple buttons for the menu, search, home and back functions.

That said, the nook is pretty much unbrickable, so even noobs get to play in a safe environment.Welcome to NOOK Audiobooks for Android tablets and smartphones.

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Android tablets are fascinating and are very useful and the apps it provides outreach the numerous possibilities.

Now you may be thinking, sure the Nook Color is nice, but how can it compete with an iPad.People really need to stop treating it like an android device and more like an eReader.

Hello, this instructable will show you how to turn your NOOK color into an android tablet.

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And since I have a 7-inch Galaxy Tab with Android (and the Nook software application), I returned the Nook Color just inside the 14-day window.

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The Nook Color has always been considered a wannabe Android tablet and the latest update. creators of the Nook and Nook Color e.You can also install apps from the internet, which is exclusive for Mods.One thing to note: Unlike with the N2A cards, which let you go back to the standard Nook OS just by removing the card from the slot, your Nook Color will remain.The Nook Color has the potential to be a compelling low-cost tablet.Find great deals on eBay for nook color tablet. nook color tablet 8gb nook color tablet 16gb nook tablet 16gb nook tablet nook color 8gb android tablet nook color.As far as shortcomings, no hardware buttons is a small bummer, but you get used to it very quickly.I run Phiremod V6.2 which is a modded version on Cyanogen Mod 7.So you had no intention of purchasing a Nook, you bought it just to play with it for a couple of weeks.Never mind the actual requirement to root the system in the first place.

While you would lose the Nook reading functionality in one regard, you would also gain it back quite easily, since the Nook software is available as a free download in the Android Market.The only appeal after seeing the video of the Nook Color was my hobby of flashing custom ROMs and tinkering.I agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Video Services Policy.