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Google (GOOG) says the application will put you somewhere in the 500- to 5,000-meter range of where you really are, depending on the cell tower density.

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Anyway, if you try this application, let me know about your experience.So, Google domain and keyword language tag are the key components.Search Console does not always show 100% of the links that Google knows about,.The application is currently compatible with BlackBerry devices, some recent Motorola and Sony Ericsson devices, and many Windows Mobile phone and Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition devices.Google Employee. tell me because I am experiencing the same exact.Updated: Despite all the hoopla around location-based services, the fact of the matter is that a mere 15 percent of handsets have a built-in Global Positioning System.

This app has no idea what street I am on and therefore just guesses and.No one will fire up the application, get a position, search and download the map if it takes 2 MINUTES.I would like to see my house through breath taking satelite service provided by google earth- I am from Kakinada,East. help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf.While not quite high on the accuracy chart, the new application uses information broadcasted from cell towers and triangulates finds your approximate location. ( Because of how the application estimates your location, a certain amount of information is sent to Google servers, and if you have privacy concerns, then you can turn the My Location feature off in your maps application. ).I tried it out on my Cingular 8525 and it put me within 3 blocks of my office.This is an violation of carrier policy, others in europe and US have tried.

Just installed it on the iMate JasJam (HTC phone) here in New Zealand.

Can some body sue Google for knowingly, point them in wrong direction.The way the service shows up is to map the coordinates of the cell tower the phone is registered with.The CellID is mapped onto a LatLong coordinate by a database lookup and that can be shown on the map.We in INDIA had this facility by default when cellphones first came out in late 1980s.And when I turned the GPS off, it placed me in London — a city I would like to be in right now, but that is not the case.For example ATT 20056 would be renamed ATT 20465 and wouldnt match up with google database.

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Will Google always know where I am if I use. main screen and the name of the locality would simply show.Google launched the first version of this tool around the same time that they launched Latitude.

After they killed Latitude off, they kept their location browser around, polishing it up and adding new little tricks as time went on.My account activities just show me that my account being accessed from.

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A Google spokesperson suggested that the new service works primarily with the newish smart phones.

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How to Train Google Now to Give You Better Suggestions. Eric.Re: show me. undifferentiated: Jul 12, 2015 6:46 AM: Posted in group:.

Benefits with PR stunts: surge in their stock price, more confidence on google for advertiser and substantiate their position further.

At higher zoom levels the accuracy seemed to be 100% (same building block).One particularly cool bit: scrub your mouse cursor over the graph at the bottom.

Google thinks I am in a different country. How do I change my default search country.Shop at the Google Store for Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android Wear, Chromecast, Nest, plus a selection of accessories.