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Frugal smartphone owners will also want to check out our 50 best free iPhone.CleverPin makes passcode protection smarter or less annoying.

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It allows you to access the app switcher, close apps, switch apps using gestures.

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Update Cancel. What is the best screen recorder app for iPhone 5S.Karl Conrad. Loading. 10 Best Must Have Apps for iPhone 5s - Duration: 10:16.

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Here are some of our favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks that have been released for iOS 8 that enhance the functionality or help you customize your iOS device.LastApp, a tweak on the BigBoss repo, brings Android like switching to jailbroken devices.

It allows you to change the font in apps, Lock screen, and more.Swell is a free download from the App Store. Breeze. The iPhone 5s has a great M7.

However, this feature is not available on iPhones...Best sites to download free music for iPod, iPhone. this is the best app for ever.Alkaline is another must-have tweak if you want to customize the look and feel of your jailbroken iPhone.The iPhone long-suffered from no default turn-by-turn navigation app.

In addition to this, it also helps you get rid of that eerie glow on your face when using your iPhone at night.If you want iOS to be snappier then install NoSlowAnimations, as it.It offers almost limitless shortcuts to make it easier to use your iPhone.WinterBoard enables you to do just that, by allowing you to download custom themes from Cydia, that can be applied to completely change the look and feel of your iOS device.The best answers are voted up and. iPhone 5s takes blurry photos only in apps that access.

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The best VR apps and games for iPhone. as well as tips from the comments plus make sure to read our best Cardboard apps list as most of these.

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It also allows you to edit text files and property lists, which can be quite useful occasionally.After the release of iPhone 5S, Apple fans got an opportunity to shot slow motion videos without any special apps.

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If you want to take great pics, these are the must-have photography apps.The day I used all the apps at once, you can see how the iPhone 5s apps that use the M7 data had similar.

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Sent from the iMore App. 0. 1 year ago. the best iphone cases.

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With the release of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, Apple added some iPad functionality to the iPhone by enabling landscape mode on the home screen and in many apps.

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Upscale lets you run your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 5 at iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus resolution.

Cylinder which is a free alternative, though I prefer the animations available in Barrel.The feature sadly works only when your device is plugged in to a power source.

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You will be surprised by the number of shortcuts you can use such as double tap on the status bar, triple tap the Home button, double press the sleep button to trigger stock actions or launch an app or go to the Settings toggle.

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It is quite a popular tweak as it enhances the Messages app rather than offering a standalone app like biteSMS.Discover the best photo editing apps for your iPhone. the 10 best photo editing apps that the top iPhone. the 100 best iPhone photography apps.Best Calculators For The iPhone. This amazing app for iPhone and iPad allows you to write whatever math equations.One of the easiest and most useful ways to customize your iPhone is by rearranging apps on your homescreen. How to Manage Apps on the iPhone Home Screen Share.BytaFont 2 allows you change the system font on your jailbroken iPhone.