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Now I see that it is Netflix that is doing it very, very wrong.Learn how to set up and use the Netflix app on your Xbox 360 console. see Set parental controls for Xbox 360.GameStop: Buy Xbox 360 Media Remote, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots.Available today, Kinect support for Netflix on Xbox LIVE delivers controller-free movies and TV shows exclusively on Xbox 360.Saved her from watching so much trash that would have been readily available to her from the remote or keyboard. Bummed.

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So, now no one else in the family except the grownups can access the netflix app which is a huge pain in the arse.But Netflix cannot differentiate between shows that I, as an adult watched, and shows that my children watched.

They could let you adjust the parental control on one account and have the kids sign in on another that does not have access to the settings.Xbox360 has parental controls to filter out junk and they have a just for kids functionality as well.

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But besides this fact, how would you allow Netflix to differentiate when your kid is in front of the TV and when you are in front of the TV.Any begging for points, games or live cards is considered to be spam and grounds for banning.Jason makes a point, but the problem is that Netflix presents so much junk on the startup page.

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I am a pretty liberal guy but my daughters are getting exposed to stuff even though on TV ( Greys Anatomy) it too much that NETFLIX has no controls.Any direct links to warez, game hacks, or console hacks will be removed.We can see rated R movies now but still cannot watch the documentaries we want to watch.I have not tried this, but this seems like it may provide what we are all asking for.When they turn on the Netflix, it instantly confronts them with (1) shows they recently watched and (2) shows Netflix recommends they might like based on (1).If you frequently experience problems streaming videos from Netflix, tweaking these hidden settings could.Not only is this a huge step for Netflix, but hopefully other video and music streaming services will follow suit soon, as they realize that this feature is high in demand.

Preventing hospitalizations from nursing homes is harder than it looks.I have been looking into getting Netflix but after reading this I have changed my mind.January 23, 2011. parental controls with Netflix AND allows password override is the Xbox 360.My sister who is 9 tends to sneak onto R rated movies without anyone knowing.

Find great deals on eBay for xbox 360 wireless controller and xbox 360 controller.If you override the maturity restriction in this manner, you can watch a title with a more mature rating.It can take up to 8 hours for changes in the Netflix settings to take effect.No links to Craigslist, Kijiji, Ebay or any other similar sites.I noticed that the last comment on this blog was only 2 months ago, so 5 months after the blog was written.And to be honest, I like have a parental control even for us parents.A password pin to be required for anything unrated or above a PG-13.

Before you can use your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with your Xbox 360 console, you need to: 1 Insert a battery pack.

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I also think that any smut on netflix should just require a seperate account anyway so that those not interested in it would not have to deal with sifting through those kind of selections.

As a service provider, this is exactly the opportunity you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide a feature NOT offered by other services.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.