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So to access multiple devices on your network, you will need set up different ports.

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I do not have problems connecting to my computer with PIA VPN remotely using that.How to Torrent with Private Internet Access VPN. port forwarding, IP filtering,.

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Our first Private Internet Access Review was. you can set is Port Forwarding. torrents or want to be extra private its sure a great option for a VPN.

With those speeds and using the words private internet access, it.

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It seems like it works locally but if I want to share my server then no one can see it, and I need to be able to access it while not at home.Public port 5190 will map to the PC on our local network with address on port 5190.

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Report Abuse If you believe the actions of one of our users violates our Terms of Service, please inform us immediately at.I had a hard time finding details on how to setup port forwarding with Private Internet Access so I wanted to share the details on how to set it up on a Debian system.I Can access Plex locally and from outside my network(over internet).

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I also had trouble with the PIA client disconnecting and not reconnecting.Private Internet Access (PIA) is a personal virtual private network (VPN) service.Another way is to set-up your own private VPN service from a.This article describes how to access an internet device or server. ports, PATing, NAT or Port Forwarding. on the LAN with Private IP.The Virtual Server option gives Internet users access to services on your LAN. Private Port.

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I turn on the vbox a few times a week, do what I need, then shut it down.These three machines all communicate out of one public IP address.

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When using Private Internet Access VPN (not proxy) the port forwarding has to be done at their server, not your router.

I recently setup plex and it works fine as long as my VPN (private internet access) is off.My plex server is constantly connected to PIA, and have several remote users connecting without issue.No affiliate links, personal voting, campaigning and funding posts.

With this particular application, you can specify the port after the hostname.How To Setup Port Forwarding. to a port listening on a private network where. up your network to the internet.The Port Forwarding option in our Windows, Mac, and Android software can be used to potentially optimize torrent performance.

You have three computers behind a NAT router (network address translation).If you have successfully added the static routes to your server (see my post on the plex forum for more detail), then I would check to see that you have your plex port forwarded correctly as well.Get rid of the PIA client and switchto OpenVPN using the PIA guide here.

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All Private Internet Access settings explained. Request port forwarding: The port that is being used is shown when you.Get a USB to ethernet (or internal card depending) and you should be able to have one interface connect via the VPN and you could route your torrent traffic to that, and use myplex on the other.