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Most road warriors have just two truly viable alternatives for wireless Internet access: 3G and Wi-Fi.When you need to access the Internet away from home you could connect through your smartphone.WiFi is sometimes referred to by its technical label,. founder of Wren Sound Systems,...

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This article will introduce you to the basics of WiFi so that you may have a better understanding of the worldwide phenomenon that provides you with your internet access.With the increase of Internet users, bandwidth is getting divided resulting in slow net connection or internet speed.A WiFi connection is established using a wireless adapter to create hotspots - areas in the vicinity of a wireless router that are connected to the network and allow users to access internet services.It can either be through a closed wireless network at home or in public places such as restaurants or airports.

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Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM ( ccm.net ).You can connect devices together viaWiFi and a router directly, without the internet.The more advanced 802.11n can transmit a maximum of 140 megabits of data per second and uses a frequency level of 5GHz.

WiFi is a technology that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity.

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Home and small business computer networks can be built using either wired or wireless technology.Once installed, your system should automatically detect the WiFi hotspots and request connection.An Apple iPhone connects to the Internet automatically from most anywhere using cellular networking. iPhones also contain built-in Wi-Fi.

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In this tip, Lisa Phifer covers the pros and cons of 3G and Wi.Using your laptop or smartphone, you can choose from two WiFi Services: WiFi Basic or.Here are a few facts to explain how each provides customers with internet access.This Wi-Fi radio connects to either a wireless or wired internet connection to access 11,000 radio stations.

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It also highlights and defines things about routers, modems, internet service providers and ethernet.The iPad is great as a portable computer given its size, but once you leave a Wi-Fi zone, it loses most of what enables it to shine: an internet connection.

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If you have no Internet connectivity at all, begin by trying these basic troubleshooting methods to restore your connection: Have you activated your new device or.

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There are a number of theories about what the term means, but the most widely accepted definition for the term in the tech community is Wireless Fidelity.The major advantage of WiFi is that it is compatible with almost every operating system, game device, and advanced printer.Set your SSID (wireless capability) as active, and then type in the username and password provided by your ISP and select either WEP or WPA security.

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To start a connection with a wireless router, you must first ensure that it is plugged into the internet connection point.

Verizon Wi-Fi acts as your wireless internet service provider so you can connect to your service at airports, hotels, cafes and other hotspots.

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Google also intends to bring connectivity to Africa and some Asian lands by launching blimps that will allow for internet connection with Wi-Fi technology.The term hotspot is used to define an area where WiFi access is available.