Regulation also provides for the submission of a humanitarian device exemption (HDE) application.Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Sapien. and restoring hormones and bloodflow while also using the functions of the hMaxi-K gene in the corpus.

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Natan Bar-Chama, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR at Mount Sinai Health System, specializing in Urology.The first human trial for gene transfer therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: Preliminary results.

SOURCES: Annual meeting of the American Urological Association, Atlanta, May 20-25, 2006.Premarket Approval (PMA) is the most stringent type of device marketing application required by FDA.

Gene Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction Shows Promise In Clinical Trial.Ageing causes cytoplasmic retention of MaxiK channels in rat.

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September 30, 2013. Development of hMaxi-K Bladder Wall Injection for Overactive Bladder Treatment: DAB: 1R13AG044873-01: Kapahi, Pankaj.CDRH maintains searchable databases on its website containing 510(k) and PMA information.

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Clinical trial of hMaxi-K Gene transfer in erectile dysfunction Gene therapy for erectile dysfunction due to nerve injury.

This study is a double-blind, placebo controlled, parallel design, Phase 2A study evaluating the potential activity and safety of a single administration of hMaxi-K.In the case of any discrepancy in meaning, the English version is considered official.

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Maxi-K Gene Transfer may Prove to be Safe and Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. that human patients being treated with hMaxi-K therapy for ED were.However the first human trial for gene therapy of ED uses a different mechanism. Figure 2: hMaxi-K Plasmid Construct used by the Melman group to treat ED.


A Phase 1 Multicenter Study of Three Escalating Doses of hMaxi-K Gene Transfer in Female Participants With Overactive Bladder Syndrome and Detrusor Overactivity.

AUA 2008: Maxi-K gene transfer may prove to be safe and

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The (HDE) application is similar in both form and content to a premarket approval (PMA) application, but is exempt from the effectiveness requirements of a PMA.

Maxi-K Gene Transfer may Prove to be Safe and Effective

Maxi-K gene transfer may prove to be effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.Ageing causes cytoplasmic retention of MaxiK channels in. Christ G. hMaxi-K gene transfer.

Information not contained in the CDRH databases must be requested via a Freedom of Information request.January 01, 2007. The hMaxi-K gene works by creating additional potassium channels in smooth muscle cells of.

Gene Therapy for Male Erectile Dysfunction Arnold Melman, MD. hMaxi-K gene transfer in males with erectile dysfunc-tion: results of the first human trial.

Development of hMaxiK bladder wall injection for

CDRH also has available a number of other databases relating to medical devices and radiation-emitting products.

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