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This should work ok, although I have had issues in the past using LPR as it can sometimes be choosy with the printers it works with.Looking at the new AC version, it does the same as the older router, with a few notable additions.You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you reset your.Apart from the specific issues and limitations noted earlier, the device has run well for me, providing what I need from a router.

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In order to re-enable the UpnP for low ports you need to disable AirCloud, enable Telnet access to the router and issue following commands.In order to share files over the Internet, the Asus DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) also needs to be set-up.Hence, the embedded DHCP server is issuing static IPs dynamically.AiCloud offers an App for iOS and Android devices that turns the RT-AC66U into a personal cloud server, with apparently easy connectivity to Windows PC, Mac, Linux machines, and all USB storage devices.

There are not alot of Videos on the device and was hopefull you could guide me better, especially with the startup.The router can also be configured to issue specific static IPs to specific MAC addresses.The AC66 manages to reach 90% of my home, whereas the Apple device manages about 50% reliably.

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The other ASUS routers. to obtain IP address automatically if.

You can name them the same, but what usually happens is devices choose the wireless signal with the best signal (which may not have the highest throughput).The third tab deals with FTP sharing of the USB drive contents over both LAN and the Internet.I need to play with this function some more before reporting on it, and will do this in a future update.Allows you to access your home network at anytime using an Internet connection.AsusWRT is the firmware used on all new Asus routers and it is really user-friendly and easy to configure.

Asus RT-N13U Manual Online: Accessing The Wireless Router, Setting An Ip Address For Wired Or Wireless Client.Although this is likely due to a rights issue with Apple, it does make the iTunes media server of limited value.In the meantime, the link below will take you to the official Asus site for the AC66.After reading this page you will be able to change the LAN IP address on a Asus RT-N53 router.This is another feature that I need to experiment a bit more with, and will post an update soon.

This provides much more settings than the General Wireless tab.

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Also note that any videos on the RT-N66U set-up will also be quite similar.Configure the LAN setting of RT-AC66U. Get LAN IP Automatically.Asus VPN Client Setup (Original firmware). most Asus routers are VPN ready out of the. the above mentioned address, the default address for Asus.

The FW may be getting updated regularly at present, but as I hope my review shows, the router performs well on a home network for everyday use.So you have a max of 32 MAC address you can assign static IP addresses for (I only need 3 static IPs for my home network for the servers).

Unfortunately at the time of writing, AiCloud is not yet available.

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Typically I connect to my router by its IP address of However, I am also able to connect to it at the URL My computer does not have a.Even the streaming from the USB drive worked well, although my test was a bit limited.Changing the LAN IP Address on the Asus RT-AC1200 is very easy and you too will be able to do so in a few minutes.

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I have Comcast and I pay for Performance 20Mbps with power Boost for internet speed, Windows 7, Intel Core I5 and a Motorola SB 6120.

Asus have an FAQ, which is pretty self explanatory, and uses an HP Deskjet 3000 J310 as an example.The last set of tabs show general log, DHCP leases, wireless log, port forwarding and routing table.If you have a Asus Router with Firmware you can now use its embedded DDNS client to update your hostname.