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As I understand it, the latest firmware and the latest version of Airport Utility took away the ability to hose your files over the internet.

Published on Oct 6, 2013 This video will show you how to setup a Time Capsule as a file server.The problem is that windows 7 work really bad if i try to access to time capsule...

Hi, I have a Time Capsule, and I want to create a folder and being able to access from any where over the Internet (regardless if it is over a MAC or.How can I access my Time Capsule from anywhere over the internet.

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Worked for just over a. (How to access photo from Apple airport time capsule using iPad.Apple Time Capsule: Setup File Server and SYNC with Folder Actions.

As for accessing your Time Capsule from Windows, I have no clue.sorry.Access time capsule over internet using a Domain name Hi I would like to know if there is a possibility to access my time capsule over the internet by my domain name.

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Access time capsule over internet using a Domain name

Hi I would like to know if there is a possibility to access my time capsule over the internet.

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Accessing time capsule from windows 7 over the. success as I can connect to my time capsule over the internet from a win 7 machine.

I just bought a Time Capsule. If it fails. reset the TC and start over again.

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I use DropBox (iCloud works the same way) for most of my files that I need to access elsewhere.It can still be done, but only with third party software and, presumably, an always-on computer acting as a server (unless there is a workaround to re-enable the features on the Time Capsule).

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I have a Time Capsule and was wondering how I would go about setting it up so I can access the files from my Mac and PC anywhere.

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Setting Up an Airport Extreme for Outside Access (MacMost Now 345).Access your Time Capsule over the internet. your time capsule to the internet and to access the wifi.

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There are at least three methods to access a shared AirPort Disk over the Internet. or Time Capsule.

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