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You should try emailing Instagram to try to retrieve your account back, otherwise there is no other way to get into the account.Should you ever forget your administrator password, we have.Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question.

Then went back to create another account (user:mvialh1) and the problem was repeated.We can help you reset your password using your Instagram username or the email address linked to your account.

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If it is the former, it sounds like your account may have been flagged.So I know instagrams policies of deactivated accounts, but what email would you suggest to get my account back.Been trying to contact anyone to close her account short of law enforcement.

If you happen to have a Facebook Ads rep, maybe mention it to them to see if they have a way.Feel free to share this article with other Instagram users who are also having trouble.Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one.My problem is i am trying to contact someone in the instagram department about when i try to add my friends its not letting me.Have you logged in and out of the account from different locations.I dont remeber the email i used for my instagram and they put my account on secure mode or something like that what do i do.How to Change a Facebook Password Without Resetting It. March 31,.Like Facebook, Instagram does not typically release usernames so you would need to select another one.Just providing you with some solutions to how you can contact Instagram to help resolve your issue with your account.

Did you try contacting Instagram using the methods I listed above.I reported this problem two weeks ago and never got a response.My suggestion is to contact them using the methods that I listed above.I am a small business which employs 6 people and this has really affect our business.I checked my spam, I checked my server (I have my own server), nothing is blocking instagram, I also have a catchall so I am guessing instagram is just not sending the email.

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They have a clause that says they can do that if they feel like it, pretty much.

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I was asked to enter my phone number so they could text me a code, I did that and the code never came.Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. akosiars 400 87% 2. haize1021 400 73% 3. shadowgho 400 84% 4.

How to Change a Facebook Password Without Resetting It

I can see only 3 pictures on my profile (although I posted 7).How to create instagram account if user with this email already exisits.

Outside of using text messages, the only other ways to retrieve your Instagram login are Facebook and email.Instagram is asking me to verify my account and they asked for my phone number and asked for security code and instagram is not sending me the code.Seems like that has worked (if you have a phone number in the United States).Instagram is asking me for a phone number and when I put it in I do not recieve a security code.I recently changed my instagram user name and password when I reopened the app it said to log in so I did and it was working fine. just a couple minutes later it logged out by its self so I log in once more and it kept saying invalid username or password.I have tried to contact the instagram help center but have heard nothing.

I really hate this and any help would be much appreciated, Thank you.How to secure your Facebook account. Account protection starts with your password:. is all over your linked Instagram account).Of course, I was actually only on a web page, not Instagram itself, and I was only trying to use their Help Center search box to type in a question or word or anything.I agree though, they definitely should have some other options besides just a text message.If so, I recommend leaving a review on the platform (iOS or Android) and let them know about it.I logged out of my account and logged back in, it said they have to reset my password for sercurity issues.

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To protect your account, you should change your password about every three.

How To Change Your Instagram Email. why did he have to change your password and. likes and they say that to secure your account we have reset some lyk that.This is really getting me angry.i cant even access my page anymore.i tried to reset my oassword and i dont even get the reset email, this is really disgusting.I know they remind you periodically, but every 30 seconds seems excessive.If you have and have not received a response back, I recommend trying the other suggestions (Facebook and Twitter) to see if you get a response there.I sent them a picture of me and the code and shit but no still not even 1 answer.

I dont know why this happened for we only post pictures of clothes so I dont understand how we violated any rules.Necropote 200 63% 8. davemon 200 80% 9. suraj101g 200 98% 10. pankydear 200 72% 11. 200 90% 12.My web developer last night was trying to put a live Instagram feed on our website.This way you can get your resolve your issues quickly by routing them to the right place.Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the Instagram mobile app.My instagram was hacked my email was change to a.comss and I never changed it and when I try to send a reset it will not let me reset it.

In order for you to use this again, Instagram would have to make it available to you.I deleted the email linked to my instagram account accidently.Also, regarding saving photos, I recommend automating this using Dropdbox ( ) and Christian Karasiewicz 466 Comments Share 18 Tweet 27 Pin 3 Share Buffer 2 Email Shares 50 One of the biggest challenges to using any social network is getting help.I then sent a request through my username and it said email sent.

Not to mention this is the second account that this has happened with.Ok, so I had a scare with my Instagram and I do t want anything g to go wrong in the future.Hi, Please tell me your direct method of contacting them to get a response.I have tried my account on other devices and the problem persists, contacted Instagram support via the app multiple times and there has been no feedback ever.How can i access my instagram account if i forgot my password and i.If you forgot your Apple ID password. To reset your password, use the email that we send to your.