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If you set up the special DD-WRT enabled router with HMA anything behind this router (your TV, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, etc.) will be virtually residing in the USA.Make sure you clear your cookies and cache before you visit after turning on HMA.Wireless connection speed without going through VPN is between 5 and 6 mbps.

Don, when I am logged into my US Netflix account (one that I set up using a US based credit card, address, etc.) I am able to add to my queue.Being able to access the US Netflix library makes becoming a Netflix member totally worth it.This is not to say that, theoretically, Netflix cannot tell if you are bypassing their restrictions.Hopefully this article provided you with the information required to access a world of content and online freedom but if you have any further questions or feedback please use the comment field below.Watch US Netflix channels through all your devices, full speed, full HD.Watch US Netflix and other US Exclusive services through this free proxy service.Get in control of your Netflix catalogue and start enjoying all your favourite shows.To make this option work, set up your iPhone with HMA in order to access the US Netflix library ( click here for the steps) and then load up the Netflix app, select your movie or show of choice and then turn on Air Play and voila.Yes, you will need to virtually reside in the USA in order to watch get American Netflix in Canada.

Additionally you could give StreamHD which allows you to wirelessly stream in full 1080p from your computer to your TV.You can turn the US-based server connection on and off with the DD-WRT enabled router.Before following these steps on how to get American Netflix on Wii, check out my previous article on how to get American Netflix.TurboFlix magically expands your boundaries to include all of the great content.Instructions To Get American Netflix In Canada laptop or computer.I can now add to my queue and have NETFLIX on the TV working just fine after changing the DNS.Back in September 2010 when Netflix first launched in Canada, there was about 7,500 titles available to Canadians.I would like to know if you can skip using DD-WRT Router and program the HMA VPN directly into WD Live TV or a Boxee Box to watch US content (Netflix) from Canada without having your PC turned on.

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Now you can watch everything in the Netflix catalog - No matter where you actually live.Whether you want to be able to access US Netflix on your mobile device while on a train, as a passenger in a car commuting back and forth to work, maybe while enjoying a latte at Starbucks, in the park, or while laying in bed or anywhere your mobile device and a 3G or WiFi connection are available.I just purchased a new D-Link Cloud Router 2000 Dual Band Gigabit.After you go through the steps above to set up HMA on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch all you need to do is plug the digital AV adapter into your device and then connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable.Press question mark to see available shortcut keys. Home. Collections.

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I will be updating the guide to reflect this change in early 2013.Jeff, unfortunately option 3 using AirPlay does not work anymore.You will need to get a DD-WRT router where you will install HMA.While there are no official records of the number of Canadians using vpn.I have a Smart LG tv, but it does not show the Pandora logo on it.Here is a post I wrote about the Dangers of Public WiFi and How To Protect Yourself.

Step 6 is where you will input the information needed to set up the VPN on your iPhone.Hi Andrea, I would recommend you follow Option 2 or Option 4 in this guide: on how to get American Netflix in Canada on your TV.In order to watch US Netflix in Canada on the Wii you will need a DD-WRT enabled router.

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I have a PS3 witha D-link DIR-601 wireless router that I can supposedly flash to get DD-WRT ability (see here ).By doing this, when you log into your Netflix account on your TV it will appear that that are in fact in the U.S. so you will see the U.S. Netflix Library in Canada.If you choose to set up your VPN connection the manual way, I recommend setting up 3-5 VPN connections and add the city name in the description.

I do not personally have an Xbox so I cannot say for sure how to get it working.I have a Samsung smart tv that has wifi and Netflix as a part of it.Watch A huge Number Of AMERICAN SHOWS on Nettlix, all working and secure for 2016-2017.As far as I can tell, the AirPlay function can only apply to the audio component and does not give an option for video.Thanks again, even for some like me that is not all up to date on computer stuff i was able to follow your instruction on how to get setup via HMA using this site.

Here is a guide that shows you just some of the shows that are available in the USA and not in Canada.Got this all set up over the weekend using my iPad and Apple TV.The first step is the same as above and that is to sign up for HMA which is a Pro VPN that will allow you to virtually reside in the USA making it possible for you to view the titles at

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I will have to look into this before being able to post a reply.Each picture is simply a screen shot of an iPhone and most of the steps only require one tap to complete.When I look online to buy the Roku it says that it is the Canadian version.More and more Canadians are finding their way around thesystem and getting the much sought-after American content.Check to see if you need the Bell router for your internet connection.

You might have to change your location on the TV to be in the USA so you get to see different app options.

One of the easiest ways to verify that you are truly accessing American Netflix.Jim Jarmusch directed this post-modern examination of the western film genre as American pop culture finally began to veer away from the expected western films.