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. NP2900 stopped playing any non-chinese radio stations and comes back with a message spoken in English 'This station is not available in your country'.

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The video was from MTV channel, Splitsvilla. i. Download and install hola extension ii.But, if you are still getting the same error, go back to step 4. and select another country.Go back to the video and see if it works, if it still gives you the same error try another country and keep your fingers crossed.I accepted and was redirected to google apps, obtaining the message that the app was not available in my country.

There are also options like Tor, the anonymization software that masks your identity.

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Free proxies, like those available through HMA, often get shut down, or are just too slow for streaming puposes.Hola has been able to unlock all the videos for me till now on YouTube, that had country specific restrictions.You can either use the YouTube app itself (if you have downloaded a YouTube app) or you can use the browser itself.

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After going through a headache of glitches, we found the very best option is to use Firefox, and install the FoxyProxy add-on.

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Run the app and on the home page you should see something like the image below.I tried using a proxy server but when I went on the page it says you need flash and javascript installed.

The Buffering Speed Might Not Be Really Impressive Even Though You Were Able To Play The Video.

So, its saves you the trouble of installing and setting everything up.You should be using a service called psiphon for your PC and android.The purpose of this page is to provide a way to unblock YouTube Videos that are only allowed to be viewed. Customer Discussions: Not available in your

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It is available for all the platform like android, ios and major internet browser for eg.Open the app and click on register and register an account with your credentials.

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Does google translate to the same job, I tried that too without fail.

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How to unlock videos of youtube that end up showing This Video is Not available in your country.Since you want to watch a video that have been block in your country, you can do two things.Your IP address, which is transmitted to every website you visit through your browser, tells these sites what your physical location is.This article will analyze the possible reasons and provide 3.This is why region blocks work — they simply forbid any computer with an IP address outside a particular geographic region from accessing content.

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It is true that in the constitution the country is referred to as the Dominion of Canada but it is really only in.The first thing you MUST consider are your local laws. In the U.S., it is legal to use proxies.

Some videos are not available in your country due to music copyright claims, location restrictions or govt. complains.You can literally see just about anything from clips of the latest TV.